Legislative Guide

Latest updates: October 2023

Twenty-three U.S. states and Washington D.C. currently license naturopaths. Six Canadian provinces register naturopaths.

Use the map below to find information on pending naturopathic legislation in the United States and Canada. Hover over a region and click for details, including summaries of scope of practice, history, and relevant articles.

For additional information, the Society for Science-Based Medicine reports weekly legislative updates and also houses a comprehensive legislative archive. Naturopathic Diaries draws upon these resources, and others, to compile the information found herein.

  • blue  = naturopathy is illegal or licensure has been abolished
  • green  = naturopaths are licensed or registered
  • red  = action alert, pending legislation to change naturopathic licensure/scope of practice or upcoming agency review.

Quick facts about naturopathic medicine:

1. Naturopathic doctors spread falsehoods for political gain

Naturopaths have a history of providing the public and lawmakers with misleading information and outright lies about their training and profession.

2. Naturopathic medicine harms patients

Naturopathic practices are often dangerous. These articles showcase examples of patient harm caused by naturopathic care. Since naturopaths do not receive high-quality medical training, they are likely to miss a diagnosis, prescribe the wrong treatment, or cause harm.

3. Naturopathic medicine has no standards of care

There are no standards of care in naturopathy leading to widespread dangerous and dubious practices in the profession. Many naturopaths have a complete disregard for medical standards of care and choose to employ therapies in their practices that are not based on sound evidence or science, including homeopathy and ozone therapy.

4. Naturopathic doctors are not capable of self-regulation

Naturopathic regulatory bodies are ill-equipped for self-regulation. Since the practice of naturopathy is made-up of fake medicine, naturopaths are not competent judges of ethical and professional standards of medical practice. Many regulatory bodies made-up of licensed naturopaths have a history of not adequately regulating the profession.

5. Naturopathic medicine is rife with conflicts of interest

Naturopaths financially depend upon the sales of non-medically necessary dietary supplements, clinical procedures, and extended office visits.

Want to help?

Join me and the thousands of individuals who have signed the petition to stop the legitimization of naturopathy. It is time to discontinue naturopathic licensing and to implement policies that prevent naturopaths from practicing any kind of medicine.

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