Naturopathic Medicine in Arkansas

Page last updated 19 Dec 2019

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Scope of practice

Naturopaths are not registered or licensed in Arkansas.

Naturopaths are not permitted to use the title doctor in Arkansas. Doing so is grounds for investigation by the Arkansas State Medical Board.


2012 House Bill 1011 failed. The naturopathic practitioner act would have licensed naturopaths in the state.

How to file a complaint

Physicians are regulated by the Arkansas State Medical Board. Appropriate complaints include examples of Arkansas naturopaths practicing medicine, using the title doctor, and advertising medical services.

Anyone may file a complaint. In order to do, please specify the following information in a letter to the medical board:

  • Practitioner’s full name
  • Patient’s full name (if applicable)
  • Complainant’s full name
  • Specific nature of the complaint
  • Complainant’s signature

Mail the letter to:

Arkansas State Medical Board
1401 West Capitol Avenue Suite 340
Little Rock, AR  72201

Visit the Arkansas State Medical Board page for more information related to filing complaints. There is currently no online submission system for filing complaints.

Please refer to the Arkansas Medical Practices Acts and Regulations for additional information pertaining to the practice of medicine without a license.