Naturopathic Medicine in Alberta

Page last updated 7 Jan 2018

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Media Coverage

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Naturopaths have no place providing health care to children. KevinMD. 2016. Britt Hermes.

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Are we being served by the regulation of naturopaths? Not if patients are still being misled. Globe and Mail. 2016. Carly Weeks.

Scope of practice

Alberta naturopathic regulation act defining the scope of practice

Title: May use the title “doctor”

Prescription drugs: Not permitted (not defined)

IV administration: Permitted

Diagnostic tests: Permitted to perform physical exams and blood tests

Minor office procedures: Permitted

Spinal manipulations: Permitted

Childbirth/ midwifery: Not defined

Permitted to perform colon hydrotherapy and to administer ozone intravenously.


Naturopaths have been registered since 2012.

How to file a complaint

Registered naturopaths are regulated by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of Alberta. Complaints can be filed through their website.