Naturopathic Medicine in Manitoba, Canada

Page last updated 7 Jan 2018

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Media Coverage

Are we being served by the regulation of naturopaths? Not if patients are still being misled. Globe and Mail. 2016. Carly Weeks.

Scope of practice

Manitoba naturopathic act (2017)

Title: The title “naturopath” is protected

  • Prohibited from using the title “doctor”

Prescription drugs: Prohibited

IV administration: Prohibited

Diagnostic tests: Permitted, with some restrictions

Minor office procedures: Prohibited

Spinal manipulations: Permitted

Childbirth/ midwifery: Not defined

Vaccine waiver: Not defined


Naturopaths have been registered in Manitoba since 2008.

How to file a complaint

Registered naturopaths are regulated by the Manitoba Naturopathic Association. The association should be able to receive and investigate complaints of misconduct. To do so, contact the association at (204) 947-0381 or [email protected].