Naturopathic Medicine in Rhode Island

Page last updated 19 Dec 2019

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Legislative Updates

Senate Bill 327 and House Bill 5474 Licensing bills signed into law by Governor. Allow naturopaths to use the title “physician,” diagnose and treat disease, and prescribe legend drugs outlined on a formulary.

Introduced by Senator Roger Picard and Representatives Cale Keable and Christopher Blazejewski.

Information courtesy of Society for Science-Based Medicine.

Want to get involved?

Contact your Rhode Island Senate and Assembly representatives and voice your opposition to legitimizing the practice of naturopathy.

Not sure what to say? Check out these tips for speaking with lawmakers from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Sign the petition Naturopaths are not doctors: stop legitimizing pseudoscience

Scope of Practice

Naturopaths are not registered or licensed in Rhode Island.


Rhode Island becomes the latest state in push for naturopathic licensing. Society for Science-Based Medicine.

Licensing bills Senate Bill 327 and House Bill 5474 were signed into law in 2017.

How to file a complaint

Physicians are regulated by the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline. For information about how to submit a complaint, call the Complaint Unit at 401-222-5200.