Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona

Page last updated 19 Dec 2019

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The Wild West: Tales of a naturopathic medicine review board. 13 April 2015. Britt Hermes.

Scope of practice

Naturopaths who sell or dispense a natural substance, drug, or device must obtain a Certificate to Dispense.

Naturopaths who want to train naturopathic students in their offices as preceptors must obtain a certificate and meet certain requirements.

Arizona recognizes naturopathic specialties in oncology, pediatrics, environmental medicine and family medicine.

Title: May use the titles doctor, naturopathic medical doctor, physician, and primary care physician

  • May not use the title doctor of medicine or doctor of medicine (naturopathy)

Prescription drugs: May prescribe legend drugs.

Controlled substances: May prescribe schedule III-V controlled substances, except for chemotherapeutic agents and anti-psychotics.

IV administration: May administer subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous substances

Diagnostic tests: May order and interpret diagnostic labs. May order, but not interpret, radiographic images.

Minor office procedure: Not specified.

Spinal manipulations: May perform spinal manipulations.

Childbirth/ midwifery: Not specified.

Vaccine waiver: Not specified.

Naturopathic assistants: May hire and provide medical orders to certified naturopathic medical assistants.

Arizona Revised Statutes for naturopaths

Laws pertaining to naturopathic doctors and assistants in Arizona

Arizona Administrative code for naturopaths

Continuing education requirements

Arizona naturopaths must complete 30 hours of continuing education each year.

  • 10 hours must be in pharmacology


Naturopaths have been licensed in the state since 1935.

Rules for practicing naturopathy in Arizona were updated in 2014 and went into effect in 2015. The new rules defined “nutrient” as a substance

that provides nourishment for growth and metabolism and that is manufactured and supplied for intravenous use by a manufacturer registered with the United States food and drug administration or compounded by a pharmacy licensed by the state board of pharmacy.

How to file a complaint

Naturopaths in Arizona are regulated by the Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board. Anyone can file a complaint. The complaint process in Arizona is described here.

Anonymous complaints are accepted, but the board will not file anonymous complaints if witness testimony is required from the complainant. The name and the clinic address of the doctor against whom the complaint is being filed is required, as well as the nature of the complaint.

Download complaint form.

Completed forms need to be sent to

State of Arizona
Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board
1400 W. Washington, Suite 230
Phoenix, AZ 85007
An online complaint process is not currently available.