Naturopathic Medicine in Mississipii

Page last updated 11 February 2017.

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Media Coverage

Naturopaths put the moves on Mississippi. Society for Science-Based Medicine. 2015. Jann Bellamy.

Licensing naturopathic quackery in Mississippi: If at first you don’t succeed… Respectful Insolence. 2016. Orac.

Scope of practice

Naturopaths are not licensed or registered in Mississippi.


In 2016, Senator Harkins introduced SB 2290 to licensed naturopaths. The bill died in committee.

How to file a complaint

Physicians in the state are regulated by the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensing. Anyone may file a complaint against a naturopath practicing medicine without a license.

Download complaint form

Send completed forms to

MSBML/ Investigative Division
1867 Crane Ridge Drive, Suite 200-
Jackson, MS 39216

The board will not accept emailed complaints.