Naturopathic Medicine in New Mexico

Page last updated 19 Dec 2019

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Naturopathic doctors could soon be licensed, regulated in New Mexico. KRQE. 11 Feb 2019.

Scope of practice

As of April 2019, Naturopaths are licensed in New Mexico.

Naturopaths may provide primary care, as defined by the regulatory board and/ or in collaboration with a licensed medical physician.

Title: May use the titles doctor, naturopathic doctor, doctor of naturopathic medicine, doctor of naturopathy and abbreviations ND and NMD

  • Despite being allowed to use the credentials NMD, the statutes do not specify that naturopaths can use the title naturopathic medical doctor
  • May not use the title physician or naturopathic physician

Prescription drugs: May prescribe legend substances and testosterone after passing pharmacy exam

Controlled substances: May prescribe Schedule III, IV, and V drugs excluding benzodiazapines, opioids, and opioid derivatives after passing pharmacy exam

IV administration: May administer subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous substances

Diagnostic tests: May order and interpret diagnostic labs. May order, but not interpret, radiographic images. May “take action” on radiographic report.

Minor office procedure: May perform minor office procedures.

Spinal manipulations: May perform spinal manipulations, excluding procedures involving nerves, tendons, arteries, veins, eyes or ears. May not treat cancerous lesions or any lesion suspected to be cancer.

Childbirth/ midwifery: Not specified. May not perform a surgical abortion.

Vaccine waiver: Not specified.

Naturopathic assistants: Not specified

Naturopaths are prohibited from performing acupuncture.

New Mexico Statues for Naturopaths

Continuing education requirements

Not yet defined.


Naturopaths have been licensed in the state since 2019.

How to file a complaint

Naturopaths will be regulated by the Naturopathic Doctors’ Advisory Council.

Physicians in the state are regulated by the New Mexico Medical Board. Anyone can file a complaint against a naturopath practicing medicine without a license. Complaints can be filed online. More information can be found on the board’s website.