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Massachusetts Should Reject Naturopaths: Letter to Gov. Charlie Baker

Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts needs to veto S.2335 to prevent naturopathic "doctors" from being able to practice medicine.

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I was a pot doctor: naturopaths blowing smoke with medical marijuana

Naturopaths are exploiting medical marijuana by dolling out authorizations on flimsy grounds.

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Is dubious cancer “doctor” Colleen Huber cybersquatting my name?

Naturopaths appear so frightened by my criticism of their quackery-infused profession that they are registering domain names using my legal name.

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Even when children die, naturopaths refuse to blame each other

Naturopaths hate it when I draw attention to examples of patient harm resulting from naturopaths failing to uphold medical standards of care.

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Naturopathic pediatrics and genetic testing

Naturopath Jared Skowron reveals his quackery by using anti-gas pills to treat a young girl with Fabry disease.

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Stop naturopathic pediatrics: autism and MTHFR?

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My first QED, and Naturopathic Diaries wins an Ockham Award

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Naturopaths need to back off autism

Another child has been severely harmed by a naturopath. This time in the UK.

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QED 2016 and Ockham Award Shortlister

I am honored that Naturopathic Diaries has made the shortlist for the 2016 blog category of the Ockham Awards.

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What’s the best approach for treating prostate cancer? Don’t ask a naturopath.

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