The Doctor is…out

I used to be a naturopathic doctor. For 3 years, I practiced naturopathic medicine, licensed in Washington and Arizona. I earned my degree at Bastyr University and then completed a one-year naturopathic residency in a private clinic. I stayed at this clinic until I moved to Tucson.

Naturopathic medicine is not what I was led to believe. I discovered that the profession functions as a system of indoctrination based on discredited ideas about health and medicine, full of anti-science rhetoric with many ineffective and dangerous practices.

I left the profession of naturopathic medicine to pursue an education in biomedical research. Since my departure, I have been working to understand my former biases within naturopathic medicine. I am now exploring the ethics and evidence, or lack thereof, of naturopathic education and practice. I hope I can convey the message that naturopathy must be highly scrutinized, as its proponents have a seemingly on-going history of deceit, exploitation, and medical fraud.

Herein lies my story based on my personal and professional experiences.

Currently, I am a Master’s of Science student in Medical Life Sciences at the University of Kiel. My thesis explores the interplay between mammalian host genetics and the gut microbiome. I am also interested in studying medical ethics and epidemiology. I live in Germany with my husband, who is a doctoral candidate in archaeology, and our dog.

I contribute to Science-Based Medicine, Forbes, Science 2.o, and KevinMD.

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