Naturopathic Medicine in Florida

Page last updated on 19 Dec 2019

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Scope of practice

Naturopaths are not registered or licensed in Florida. They are not permitted to use the title doctor or practice medicine.

Only physicians licensed in Florida may provide alternative medical services.


Naturopathic licensing in Florida was rescinded in 1959.

Here is a brief summary of the history of naturopathic regulation in Florida, written by Stephen Barrett, MD on NaturoWatch in 2005:

Florida’s licensing authority for naturopathic physicians was abolished in 1959 and licensees who were licensed at that time were allowed to continue practicing naturopathic medicine. Draft legislation proposed by the Florida Naturopathic Physician Association was introduced in 2004 to reestablish regulation of naturopathic medicine through licensure and to create the Board of Naturopathic Medicine within the Department of Health. A 2004 Sunrise Report on Proposed Licensure of Naturopathic Physicians, by the Florida House of Representatives, Committee on Health Care, concluded that while there is evidence for support of licensure based on the existence of accredited training programs and licensure examinations, there is no documented evidence of substantial risk from not licensing naturopathic physicians. Moreover, there is potential risk from licensing naturopathic physicians and allowing them to provide a broad range of primary care services.

How to file a complaint

Physicians are regulated by the Florida Board of Medicine. Anyone may file a complaint against a naturopath who is practicing medicine without a license. Reports may be anonymous, but the Board of Medicine encourages complainants to use their real names. Complaints may be made online via the Florida Health Care Complaint Portal. For more information, please visit the board’s web page on complaints.