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Massachusetts Should Reject Naturopaths: Letter to Gov. Charlie Baker

Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts needs to veto S.2335 to prevent naturopathic "doctors" from being able to practice medicine.

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Naturopaths need to back off autism

Another child has been severely harmed by a naturopath. This time in the UK.

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A question off the naturopathic licensing exam (NPLEX)

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Ozone therapy in naturopathic medicine

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I was suffering from postpartum depression: My licensed naturopath recommended beer and marijuana to help me sleep

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The homeopathic treatment of bipolar is unethical and dangerous

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A toddler dies from meningitis, governments need to block naturopathic pediatrics

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What’s the point of acupuncture? A TCM practitioner wants out

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The “pH Miracle Diet” naturopath is guilty, but California still has a problem

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