Financial and Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Britt Marie Hermes is the founder and managing editor of

I am an independent blogger. My opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions or positions of any other person or institution. As a result of my criticism of the naturopathic profession, some inaccurate information has been written about me on the Internet. The following statements serve to provide transparency for readers.

This site serves to inform the public, lawmakers, and medical professionals about the education and clinical training of licensed naturopaths who graduate from naturopathic programs accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education.

The information provided by this website is meant for general education purposes and commentary; it is not meant to serve as medical or health advice. Readers are encouraged to consult their physicians (MD or DO) regarding personal health problems or for specific advice.

I am not employed to write on this blog or other websites. I receive no compensation for activity related to my blogging which includes, but is not limited to, public appearances, interviews, and social media activity. I do not receive compensation for any of the links on this website. I am not paid to promote vaccinations or pharmaceutical products.

Those who support my writing have donated funds to Naturopathic Diaries via the PayPal link on this website. These donations cover a portion my website hosting fees. I have received a nominal amount in donations.

I did not “flee” the United States. I moved to Germany to complete a PhD in evolutionary biology at the University of Kiel.

I am not affiliated with the website That site was published without my consent and contains content that does not represent my opinions. I am under the impression that the website is owned and maintained by a naturopathic cancer quack in Arizona who is unhappy with me.

Last updated: 10 Oct 2023