Naturopathic Medicine in Quebec

Page last updated 7 Jan 2018

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Media Coverage

Quebec nixes regulating naturopaths. CBC News. 2012.

Are we being served by the regulation of naturopaths? Not if patients are still being misled. Globe and Mail. 2016. Carly Weeks.

Scope of practice

Naturopaths are not registered in Quebec. Despite it being illegal to practice naturopathy in Quebec, many naturopaths practice in the province. To make a complaint against a naturopath practicing without a license, please visit the Collège des médecins du Québec website and select the section for the illegal practice of medicine. The Collège des médecins du Québec states:

One need not go as far as using a title in one form or another to break the law; it is enough to act in a manner that leads to the belief that he or she is authorized to practise medicine. Thus, a person who publishes, claims or attests to having healed a condition of any kind could be breaking the law.

Any naturopathic doctor holding him or herself out as a practitioner of medicine may be breaking the law.