Why I left naturopathy

After three years in private practice, I quit my job. Shortly thereafter, I decided to permanently retire from my career as a naturopathic doctor. Many readers are curious about the events leading up to this decision. I have yet to cover this topic in-depth on Naturopathic Diaries. This post is forthcoming.

I have, however, briefly written about my disillusionment with naturopathy at Science 2.0 and KevinMD.com. Please visit these articles to learn more about why I left naturopathy.

I’ve also spoken about my experiences in many podcast and radio interviews. Links to these interviews can be found on the media page.

A number of journalists have written about my efforts to place sharp limits on how licensed naturopaths practice in North America. A chronological list of these articles can be located on the media page.

Naturopathic Diaries provides accurate information about naturopathic education, training, and common practices in an effort to protect patients. This information contests materials put out by the naturopathic profession, which I believe are misleading and often times, blatantly false. Many of the therapies offered by licensed naturopaths are dangerous or not proven to be safe or effective. Please visit the patient guide for more information.